"It starts with an idea. Then, more than anything else, you need courage."

- Gerald Kiska

What is TresMoto?

At TresMoto we design and build fit for purpose high powered electric scooters for a variety of fleet and shared applications. Building the most practical turnkey solutions for the customer and the most intutive riding experience for the user is our forte.

Why do we do, what we do?

We were getting tired of coming up with pretty outsides. We wanted to design the perfect riding experience from scratch. On the quest to bring our beloved motorcycles to the 21st century, innovation and out of the box thinking has been our greatest tool. Backed by over 3 years of excruciating research and development, we are working to achieve mobility, straight out of the future.

Starting with urban mobilty, we are here to change the way you live your lives.

connected | electric | purpose built

Creating motorcycles from scratch is a dream job. We Idiate, Sketch, Render, Test and Prototype our concepts in house. Our workspace in Bangalore is an amalgamation of a design studio, a prototype lab, an electronics lab and a startup office, All in one.
We are trying to strike a balance, between the old and the new, the sustainable and the scalable, technology and art
The constant urge to Innovate is what drives us forward. We are not here to break the walls, we are here to tell you they never existed in the first place
Perseverance. Life gave us lemons, we made lemonade and we made sure it is the best damn lemonade one could ever have

Moving fast and staying ahead of the curve is our survival strategy. We have at our hand an opportunity to create something straight out of our dreams. We work, learn and grow as a team. That is why we want teammates, not employees. You won't be working for anyone but yourself!

We are people who have rejected the monotonous golden shackles of a 9-5 job.
Think you want to break the wheel too? Come join us...

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Electronics Engineer


The job requiries a candidate proficient in hardware electronics development and motor controller coding. Some experience in the EV industry is preferable.



At the dawn of our operations, we are looking for hustlers. Who stop at nothing to achieve the goals they set for themselves. This profile requires more industry and supply chain experience than others.



We are new to the automotive industry and the startup world too. We need a marketing guru to help us gain traction. Digital marketing being one part of it.

Mechanical Design and Testing


This is overall a CAD and Simulation profile. What's important is mechanical engineering know how. Both CAD and simulation experience required. Experience in automotive/industrial testing is preferable.

Transportation design

Bangalore | Intern

An all round motorcycle designer would be required for this task. Of-course the job would require sketching, modelling and rendering. But more importantly you should be good at creating practical concepts, mechanically and ergonomically feasible for a motorcycle.

Electrical Engineer

Bangalore | Intern

This profile will require an all round Electrical Engineer with experience in BLDC motors, PCB design and battery charging.

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Bengaluru 562149

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" Ideas are cheap, execution is everything"

- Chris Sacca


To redefine how Real India moves it's people and goods on two wheels in the 21st century.


To be the go to choice of OEM for any kind of fleet or shared application scooters and bikes. To capture 5% of Indian 2 wheeler market, selling 6 million units annually by 2030.

Dockless Scooter rental service

Micro Logistics service

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"Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you"

-Mark Cuban


We are a team of young, result-oriented individuals, passionate to a fault. Having sustainable and modular development in mind. We are a bunch of engineers, designers, sales people and marketers. Anyone who shares our love for anything on two wheels and is eager to learn, is welcome in our doors.

Shubham Jain

Founder, CEO - Tech Visionary

Automotive Engineer, Custom Bike Builder, EV Evangelist

"I don't believe that electric is the future of transport. It simply is! We'll all be driving electric in 10 years."

Mohsin Musthafa

Co-Founder - Hustler

"EVs are BEASTS, just that you were served the wrong EVs first time around.

Indrajeet Singh

Co-Founder, CPO - Technocrat

"you can not beat a revolution into someone, key is to make things everybody will like.."

TresMoto Team



Siddarth Singh





Sijo P Cherian

UI-UX Designer

Shivangi Jain

Finance & Strategy





    Think you got what it takes to be a part of the TresMoto family of innovators? Ping us at careers@tresmoto.in